Champion Cheerleading

Competitive Cheer

Competitive cheer is the ultimate sport. It includes a bit of dance, gymnastics, stunting, jumps and so much more. Competitive cheer is broken up by age and level. Each level is allowed to do certain skills in their 2 minute 30 second routine. Our teams compete against teams from all over BC and even from the states.

At Champion We offer the following

*Elite travel teams - These teams have requirements and travel outside of Canada for at least 1 competition

*Full year competitive - these teams may have some requirements and compete all over the lower mainland in 4-6                                          competitions. We have all ages and levels.

*Half year teams - these teams compete in 1 showcase and 1-2 competitions in the lower mainland. The season and                                practices are shorter and there are no requirements beyond age.

We offer all age groups and levels 1-6 competitive teams.

Email us for the handbook which includes prices and important dates!

Best for beginners

Half year teams and level 1 full year teams are best for beginners.

You can also add a tumbling class to supplement these programs if wanting to move up in levels!

We suggest doing spring training to learn new skills before starting.

Best for intermediate

For those with higher level tumbling skills (quitting gymnastics), dance experience or previous experience with cheerleading we suggest our Full year competitive program.

These teams practice 2-3 times a week and are suitable for those looking for more of a challenge. They may have some requirements for level 2-5.

Best for Advanced athletes

For those with high level tumbling or previous experience we suggest our full year competitive or Elite travel teams.

Elite teams have an least 1 competition outside of Canada.

Level requirements

Level 1: no tumbling requirements

Level 2: back handsprings

Level 3: tucks

Level 4: layouts and standing tucks

Level 5: jump tucks and running fulls

*Some exceptions made for strong stunters

Email for a private assessment!

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